Journal Club Github Repo

I added my journal club presentations to a github repo here (mostly so I can find them to reuse):

Check it out!


From LaTeX to Word

Update: HBM now accepts LaTeX submissions (see comment below from A.M. Winkler). 

A recent submission to Human Brain Mapping required us to change a document from .tex to .doc.  This is not a rant about journals submissions in .doc format, but is instead a few tips for making the process a little less painful.  Thanks to John Muschelli and Leonardo Collado Tores for help with this!

Use Pandoc to convert your LaTeX document to Word and then convert your references from BibTeX to Endnote:

1) Install Pandoc

2) Open a terminal.  Go to the folder with your LaTeX document and run this from the command line:

pandoc -s -S Original_document.tex -o New_document.docx

3) Install Endnote (you can get a free 30 day trial from this website)

4) This website has a great BibTeX to Endnote converter that is easy to use:

We still had to go through the document and double check the equations, add all the references by hand (groan…) and fix the tables.  But these steps  really help to shorten the job.